Taming the Tongue

28 02 2013

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  What are you speaking?  Are you saying what you’re praying…or are you turning your prayers back around to your problems.  Give God something to work with!  Are you nullifying your prayers, or letting
God work on your behalf?  If you keep speaking the problem, you are picking it back up off of the altar.  The best way to put it is, “I believe God is working on this situation.”  Speak positive words, not words of defeat.  God will take care of the problem, if you leave it with Him!  We sometimes act like God can’t take care of our problems, so we pick them back up again.  Let’s leave them at the altar and let God be God!


28 02 2013

Look What God Is Doing!: True Stories of People Around the World Changed by the Gospel

Very interesting book.  A real insight as to what and where missions are really doing.  This mission (Every Home for Christ) is taking Mark 16 literally…taking the mission to every crook and cranny in the world.  The stories of the thousands coming to the Lord through them is awesome!  We need more doing this.  These people risk their lives every day to share the Gospel.  They go to where the people are…even those living in trees, tribes, etc.  A must read!


22 02 2013

In the beginning, God….  Let’s just stop here for a moment.  God was in our beginning…the earth’s beginning.  Nothing was until He started it!  Can you comprehend that?  That’s mind-boggling!

 But let’s go a little deeper.  In Matthew 6:33, Jesus said “Seek FIRST the kingdom of God”. Before anything else, seek Him FIRST.  Before you go to anyone else with whatever is going on, go to God.  He is the Ultimate.  He will answer you!  

Another one, here.  Revelation 1:8.  Jesus says, ” I am the Alpha and the Omega, The beginning and the End.”  So,what we have here is that you start with Him, for He’s the beginning.  You end with Him, for He’s the end.  But…don’t forget Him in the middle!  He is ever-present.  

In conclusion, start with Jesus…start with His Word, the Bible.  As it says in John 1:1, Jesus is the Word.  The devil can defeat you when he can pressure you to put the Word down.  Continue in it! 


19 02 2013

As the deer pants, so my heart pants after You, O Lord.  This is my prayer today.  Let’s pant after His heart today.  He is most worthy.  Give Him the praise that is due His name.  Take time out for Him.  He took time out to die for you.  Won’t you just thank Him for that today?


19 02 2013

Named By God: Overcoming Your Past, Transforming Your Present, Embracing Your FutureAwesome book!  A must read for any who have things in their past that make it hard to go forward.  This book taught me how to move ahead.  Kasey Van Norman reveals things she has gone through and things she has done…both victim and victimizer.  Had problems laying this book down.  There are many stories that make this book easy reading, but also many areas of teaching of how she learned to get out of her pit.  Read this book with open mind.  Be ready to change…and change is what helps you grow!


19 02 2013

Winning Attitude: Your Key to Personal SuccessThis was a hard one for me to get through, but it was a required reading for leadership through church. Yet, John Maxwell did make it interesting by putting in some stories that clarified what he was telling.  I see where many managers need to read this book.  Their eyes would be enlightened where they bring their employees’ attitudes down.  Our attitudes say a lot about ourselves.


16 02 2013

Be still and know that I am God.  What a statement.  Rest.  Complete rest in Who God really is and that He will take care of you…no matter what is going on in your life.  Sickness, finances, whatever!  He loves you.  Realize this today and lean on Him.