22 02 2013

In the beginning, God….  Let’s just stop here for a moment.  God was in our beginning…the earth’s beginning.  Nothing was until He started it!  Can you comprehend that?  That’s mind-boggling!

 But let’s go a little deeper.  In Matthew 6:33, Jesus said “Seek FIRST the kingdom of God”. Before anything else, seek Him FIRST.  Before you go to anyone else with whatever is going on, go to God.  He is the Ultimate.  He will answer you!  

Another one, here.  Revelation 1:8.  Jesus says, ” I am the Alpha and the Omega, The beginning and the End.”  So,what we have here is that you start with Him, for He’s the beginning.  You end with Him, for He’s the end.  But…don’t forget Him in the middle!  He is ever-present.  

In conclusion, start with Jesus…start with His Word, the Bible.  As it says in John 1:1, Jesus is the Word.  The devil can defeat you when he can pressure you to put the Word down.  Continue in it! 



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