30 03 2013

It is Finished.  That is what Jesus said just before He took His last breath.  But, what was finished, you ask?  What was finished, was not His life, but what He was sent to this earth to do for us.  He took upon Himself our sin.  He sacrificed Himself for us!  He died for us!  It wasn’t easy for Him, either.  He was God, yes, but He was also human.  He had feelings just like we have feelings.  The reason He lived a human life was to experience everything we experience.  He knows what it feels like to be rejected.  He knows what it’s like to be raised by parents.  He knows the feelings of those you love to turn their backs on you.  But, He was also God.  He lived the perfect life.  He was the sacrificial lamb…for us!  Wow! 

So, let’s remember what He did for us.  He took my sin upon Himself and died in my stead.  No one else before Him or after Him could have done that…not even my parents.  He loves me unconditionally.



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