Psalms 91 – Part 15

24 07 2013

“He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.”

This is God talking to us.  So, we will call upon God.  When we do this He will answer us.  Wow!  He answers us!  Like in the New Testement…Ask and you will receive.  We just need to do the asking.  Yes, He does know what we need, but He’s waiting for us to ask.

He will also be with us in trouble.  No, the Christian life is not all a rose garden…unless you want to add the thorns.  There are thorns along the way.  But, Jesus is there along with you.  You will NEVER be alone.

He will rescue us and honor us.  How does he honor us?  By giving us favor.  That’s a whole other lesson, but you can have favor of man.  That isn’t by badgering people.  Be patient.  Be friendly.  You can be in the world, but not of the world.

Look to Jesus.  Ask Him.  Keep yourself sheltered under His mighty wings.  He loves you so much.  He loved you so much that He died for you.  Please…come to Him today.  Time is short.

I’m Sorry

24 07 2013

I’m sorry I haven’t been on here for awhile.  I recently got a job, so have been quite busy and not much time for the computer.  Will try to get on here more for you.

Thank you to all my supporters who keep watching for my blogs.

May God richly bless you.

Impact Player

6 07 2013

I just finished reading Impact Player.  This is a story about the baseball player Bobby Richardson.  If you love baseball, this is the book for you.  Especially if you are a Yankees fan.  I am not a Yankee, but I do like baseball.  But…after awhile, I got tired of hearing all the plays and games that he had gone through.  In about the last three chapters of the book is when it got good.  This talked about how Mickey Mantle came to the Lord.  That’s pretty much when the Lord was brought into this book.  Pretty much, it showed me what was more important to him…baseball or Jesus?  After he retired is when Jesus became more real to him, but he still compounded on coaching and other things he did after retirement.  But, his life did show a witness to his team-mates.  You will have to judge this on your own.  If you love baseball and like to read about plays, you will enjoy this book.

Psalms 91 – Part 14

6 07 2013

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.”

This is God talking to us.  He loves us!  Whoa…have you ever thought about that?  I mean REALLY thought about that.  Just sit back in your chair right now and ponder that statement.  God Loves You……………….

That’s a mind-bobbling thought, isn’t it?  Our finite minds can’t even fathom that God would love us.  He’s too busy.  There are other more important things for Him to handle.  But you know what?  He can do those and take care of you at the same time.  How can He do that?  He’s not finite!  He is ALL!  All-powerful; All-knowing; All-loving; All-everything!

Another thought on this, is that this is really talking about us loving God.  But, we can’t know how to love Him until we realize that He loved us first.  That’s why I brought this out so you could realize just how much He loves us.

But, because He loves us, He will protect us.  Why would He do this?  You know, my finite mind can’t even hardly answer that question.  I just know He does because His Word tells me so.  Not only that, I have received His protection…many times.  He rescues and protects us from many things that we have no memory of, too.  I think when we get to heaven, we will find out just how many times we have had that protection.

Then, He acknowledges my name…My name!  Wow!  He acknowledges me…little ‘ole me!  All I can say about that is, “Thank You, Lord!!!!”  And the big thing is that in Revelation, it says we will be given a new name!  My name now is my earthly/flesh name.  But I will be given my spiritual name in Heaven.  So, He not only know my flesh name…but He knows my spiritual name, which I don’t even know – not yet!

So, let’s just accept His love today.  He showed it unconditionally.  God, the Father, sent His own Son, Jesus, to die for you.  He is the only one who was raised from the dead.  He took your sin on the cross and died for you.  Will accept Him and His love for you today?  That is my prayer for you.