Impact Player

6 07 2013

I just finished reading Impact Player.  This is a story about the baseball player Bobby Richardson.  If you love baseball, this is the book for you.  Especially if you are a Yankees fan.  I am not a Yankee, but I do like baseball.  But…after awhile, I got tired of hearing all the plays and games that he had gone through.  In about the last three chapters of the book is when it got good.  This talked about how Mickey Mantle came to the Lord.  That’s pretty much when the Lord was brought into this book.  Pretty much, it showed me what was more important to him…baseball or Jesus?  After he retired is when Jesus became more real to him, but he still compounded on coaching and other things he did after retirement.  But, his life did show a witness to his team-mates.  You will have to judge this on your own.  If you love baseball and like to read about plays, you will enjoy this book.



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