Be Ready

28 02 2015



Be therefore ready, for you do not know what time He will come. Let

me encourage you today…Jesus is coming back…and soon! When

things get you down, just think on that.




But also, you do not know exactly when He will be coming, but He did

give us signs. My recommendation is to read the entire chapter of

Matthew 24. Much of it is in there. Yes, there is much more that talks

of end times. The enemy is on the prowl. He knows his time is getting

short and he is on the rise using people.


So, the question is: Are you ready? How do you get ready? Accept

Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Believe He came down to

earth, stripped of His diety, and died for you and rose again after three




So I plead with you today to get ready now. Today is the day of

salvation. As this verse says, you don’t know when He is coming. Don’t

put it off, for you could be too late.



Be Still

27 02 2015



Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know I am God.  To hear from God you need

to be quiet. Take the time to be quiet. Get away from all the hustle and

bustle of life and get quiet before God. Let Him talk to you. You know,

He really does want to communicate with you. It’s not just a one-way

conversation. Communication is two-way. Give Him a chance to talk to

you. After awhile, you will sense His presence. He will envelope you

with His love. There is really nothing like it. Bask in it. Rejuvenate

yourself in His presence. He will give you strength. All this is being

still. Still your mind. Listen to your spirit…down deep inside if you.

When you do this, you will really get to know God – your Lord and


The Lord is My Shepherd

26 02 2015


We all seem to be drawn to the 23rd Psalm. So let us break the first

verse down a little bit.







Starts out nice…the Lord is my Shepherd. Is He your Shepherd? Does

He guide you day by day? Have you accepted Him as your Lord and

Savior? Only you can answer those questions.




I shall not lack…or want. I have struggled with this statement. With

the way things are now-a-days, you see plenty of lack. What about

that? It pretty much comes down to your needs. He supplies all your

needs. You may have wants that are not good for you. Those wants

may not be something God wants for you. I personally want what God

wants for me. That’s it right there. Want what God wants. That is the




We come back to the lack. We will lack nothing if we stay in God’s will.

How do we know we are in His will? Get into the Bible. Through that

you will learn His will.

How Big is Your God?

25 02 2015



This is a verse you can stand on every day of your life. No matter what

you are doing; no matter what you are going through, God is Bigger.




As I have asked many times…How big is your God? He is only as big as

you allow Him to be. Is He big enough to do Everything He said in His

Word? Do you believe He will do everything He said in His Word He

would do? Do you believe He would do it for you?





Those are hard questions, but they need to be answered by each one of

us. I cannot answer for you, or you for me. This is our own personal

decision…to take Him at His Word. We know how big the enemy is, for

he keeps on pounding on us. It’s trusting God that many have a

problem with. Let’s decide to trust Jesus, no matter what, today.


24 02 2015



Rejoice. A synonym of rejoice is joy. Do you joy always in the Lord?

That’s not my words, it’s God’s words through the Apostle Paul.

Rejoice in God always. “But I don’t feel like it.” Rejoicing or joy has

nothing to do with feelings; it’s a choice. You choose to rejoice in Him.




Notice that rejoice is repeated. When anything is repeated in the Bible,

it’s as if you were hollering for your child to come inside. Your voice is

just a little louder. The same here. Also notice it’s not a

recommendation; it’s a command. Something you are to do.

So today, let’s choose to rejoice in the Lord.

I Did it My Way

23 02 2015



Every way seems right in our own eyes. Have you ever made wrong

decisions and it comes back to bite you? I sure have! One biggie that

wasted 17 years of my life. I even had people warn me! But did I listen?

No. I wish now that I had. I would not have had the heart-ache that I

ended up bearing. But, there is nothing I can do about that now. I tell

you this because you’re not alone. Yes, we all regret things we have

done…or are doing. But it doesn’t have to end there. Give your regrets

to Jesus. He bore those on the cross, too. He will take those from you

and give you peace. Believe me, I know. That will be a peace that

passes all understanding. But it is His peace.

The Lord weighs the hearts. God can see inside us. He knows us better

than we know ourselves. He knows what you are capable of. He knows

what you are going to do before you do it. He knows your motives. Yes,

He weighs our hearts.

So, will you give Him all today? That’s what He is asking you today.

Let Him give you a brand new life. It’s worth it. Does that mean we

won’t make the wrong choices anymore? No. But, it does mean He will

be there with us and help us get out of the messes we get ourselves


Watch Your Mouth

22 02 2015


Whoever keeps his tongue keeps from trouble. That means we need to

watch what we say. We can’t go running our mouths and expect to stay

out of trouble. My mouth has gotten me in more trouble than I want to

count. Talking without thinking what you’re saying will get you into

trouble every time because the wrong thing will come out. The wrong

attitude or body language can also speak volumes. So, if you want to

stay out of trouble, watch what you say.

Out of the Abundance of the Heart

21 02 2015


My reply to this scripture has always been: Open mouth, insert foot!

How many of us can relate to that? Now read that verse again. Out of

the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Ouch! So, for us to open

mouth insert foot, what is in our heart? Another ouch! So, let’s get

closer to home – what are we putting into our heart? Are we putting in

God things or world things? Light and dark cannot live together. The

other thing, does your mouth run non-stop? You do not need to speak

everything that comes to your mind. You need to filter what comes to

your mind, for not everything that goes in there is from God. That is

the enemy’s playground. That is where he can trip you up. That is why

I say to filter what comes to your mind. When you’ve been the the

Word, you will recognize the enemy’s schemes. Then, just tell him to

back off in Jesus’ name! So, the ball is now in your corner. You decide –

it’s your choice. Are you going to continue to open mouth insert foot,

or are you going to filter what goes into your heart? Stay in the Word,

and the filtering goes that much easier.

Guard Your Heart

20 02 2015



This can be taken two different ways. Let’s begin with the physical

heart. If we don’t take care of our heart, we don’t live. With heart

disease on the rise, we need to take care of it. We need to keep

everything open so the blood flows throughout the body.



Now to the spiritual. We call our spirit the heart over and over. We

need to guard it against spiritual attacks. Most of the attacks are sly.

So, are we going to allow those sly thoughts that come in to our minds

to get to our hearts? Then, are we going to allow them to get inside of

us? That is something to think about. What we allow into our hearts

flows throughout us.


We have the choice. What are you going to choose today? Are you

going to act on every thought that comes into your mind? Or are you

going to filter through them and only act on the thoughts from God?

Let’s choose to only act on His thoughts.


19 02 2015


Commit to the Lord Everything you do. Not a just a little, not just what

you want to, but everything. We need to give everything to Him. Then

He will establish our plans. What that comes down to, is that He will

put plans into our heart and then those plans will succeed. We need to

stay in His will. We need to do what His Word says. So, let’s get into

His Word and talk to Him. Then be quiet and listen to Him. He will

give us the plans He wants us to do. Then, it will happen. It may not

happen overnight. He does work in our patience, but it’s worth it.