Praise Him

31 03 2015



Psalm 100:4 – This shows you that you can keep on going into

God and enter His presence. Enter His gates with

thanksgiving. That’s why I begin my prayers with thanking

God for who He is and what He’s done for me. That allows

me to walk onto His property. The gate is at the end of the

driveway at the road. I am now onto His property. But the

house up ahead. How do I get into the house? Enter His

courts with praise. Keep on praising Him. Tell Him you love

Him. You will get into the house…into His courts. There is

nothing like it. You can sense that you have gone right into

the throne room. You now have His complete attention. The

love you feel is awesome. I encourage you to get into this

place today. But let me tell you, it takes awhile. While you

are praising, you are purging yourself of you. It’s all about

Him. Praise Him today.

No Condemnation

30 03 2015



There is NO condemnation for those who are in Jesus. So,

are you feeling condemned today? If you are, there are two

reasons why.

1) You are not in Jesus. You have not accepted Him as your

personal Lord and Savior.

2) The enemy is condemning you for what you did in the

past. If you have confessed that to the Lord, don’t accept

that. Tell the devil that it was forgiven.

Now God will convict you of things you need to change, but

He never condemns.

Now I want to go back to number one. This is Easter week.

We think more on what Jesus did for us at this time. I would

be neglecting my duty if I did not offer you to come to Jesus



If you were the only one on earth, He would still have died

and rose again for you. He loves you that much. Will you

come to Him today?

He is Faithful!

29 03 2015



What are you professing today? Are we speaking our hopes;

what we are expecting? Are we holding on to them tight? We

need to. Speak what you are expecting God to do for you

according to His word. For as the latter part of this verse

says: What He promised He is faithful to do. He is faithful.

That is a mouthful. There is no-one else who is faithful in

everything. We all have failed in that. We are human. He is

deity. There’s the difference. He can’t go against His word.

So, what He has promised He will fulfill…but in His timing,

not ours. But while we are waiting, He is working on us.

Sometimes that hurts, but it is worth it in the long run. That

makes us more like Him. I encourage you today to

remember that He who promised is faithful.

The Sacrifice of Praise

28 03 2015


Let us offer the sacrifice of praise. Are there times you just

don’t feel like praising God? If we are honest with ourselves,

we can all say YES. That is when it is a sacrifice. Are you

depressed, discouraged, down-trodden? Offer up the

sacrifice of praise. There is just something about praising

God when you are not in the mood to. Praise Him for Who

He is and what He has done for you. Yes, it is done forcefully

at first. You begin with the choice that you are going to

praise Him. After awhile, though, something happens on the

inside of you. You begin to want to praise Him. Sing to Him.

It doesn’t have to be perfect; He just wants you to do it. You

begin to feel better on the inside. Your problems don’t seem

to be so big while you are doing it. You are having a personal

time with your Father God. There is nothing better than this.

So let’s go out today and give Him the sacrifice of praise.



Cast Your Cares

27 03 2015



Cast all your anxiety or care upon Him. When I see the word

cast, I think of fishing.


You cast out your line with bait on it and bring back a fish.

Now how I see this, the bait is our anxieties/our cares. But

what do we bring back? Peace.


God cares enough for you that he will take all the anxieties

and cares that you have and then give you His peace in place

of that. Now, you have to cast out your line. You have to give

Him your cares. He won’t do it without your permission. He

made us to make choices. So today, choose to give Him your

anxieties and cares.

You Are NOT Alone!

26 03 2015



This goes along with yesterday’s devotional. He will never

leave you or forsake you. How long is never? Forever!

Always and always. That’s what I like about God. His

promises are never small. They are big because He is a big

God. No matter what you do, no matter where you are, He is

there with you. Yes, I know there are times you wish He

wasn’t there. That’s when you decide to sin. That is also the

time He will step back…wait for you to come back to Him.

Sin and God don’t mix. He will work on us to get rid of the

sin. He will give us the desire to want to stop doing that

thing. But, if you ask Him to clean you up, He won’t tell you

everything at once; He will work with you one thing at a

time. He won’t overwhelm you. That’s His nature. He is

gentle. So I encourage you today that you are not alone. God

is there with you throughout the day.

Are You Afraid?

25 03 2015



When I am afraid, I will trust in You. Yes, we do get afraid.

What do we do when the bottom falls out? ” You have

terminal cancer.” “You’re fired!” ” I’m sorry, but there was

nothing we could do. Your child didn’t make it.” These

scenarios are all real. Fear rises when we hear all of these.

The thing is, don’t stay in fear. Trust in God. He knows what

is best for you. Sometimes it is to show His glory when He

answers the prayer. He sometimes has something better in

mind for you. Let’s just trust Him and let Him draw the

plans for our life.