Walk in Love

19 03 2015



If you don’t love, you are not of God. Ouch! That hits deep. It

doesn’t say part of the time. That means it is full time. I

never want to be known as not of God.  As verse 20 says, if

we can’t love someone we can see, how can we love God,

whom we have not seen? We are the only ‘Jesus’ many

people see. Are we loving them that are un-lovable? That is

where we bring it home. Do they see Jesus in us? Pounding

them with the Gospel will not bring them in. Loving them

will. Do things for them in love that they don’t expect. Help

them, in love, with things they need. Do it all in love. I ask

you today to read all of 1 John, then walk in love throughout

the whole day. Have a lovely day.



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