The Sacrifice of Praise

28 03 2015


Let us offer the sacrifice of praise. Are there times you just

don’t feel like praising God? If we are honest with ourselves,

we can all say YES. That is when it is a sacrifice. Are you

depressed, discouraged, down-trodden? Offer up the

sacrifice of praise. There is just something about praising

God when you are not in the mood to. Praise Him for Who

He is and what He has done for you. Yes, it is done forcefully

at first. You begin with the choice that you are going to

praise Him. After awhile, though, something happens on the

inside of you. You begin to want to praise Him. Sing to Him.

It doesn’t have to be perfect; He just wants you to do it. You

begin to feel better on the inside. Your problems don’t seem

to be so big while you are doing it. You are having a personal

time with your Father God. There is nothing better than this.

So let’s go out today and give Him the sacrifice of praise.





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