Gospel of Peace

17 04 2015



Ephesians 6:15 says: Having shod your feet with the

preparation of the gospel of peace. Shod is wearing footgear;

shoes. I have pictured here the Roman soldier shoes. It is

very interesting that they did not wear boots, but sandals. I

can see that you would have to get used to them on the

terrain. No good cushioned shoes. All I can say is Sore Feet.

But, there were also nails in the bottom of the shoes as studs

to prevent slipping.

As Christians, we also need special shoes. The readiness

comes from the Gospel of Peace. Christians are in the

spiritual warfare battle both with the inner peace Jesus has

already given and with the desire to produce that peace in

the hearts of others. This can only happen as they share this

gospel of peace” with those who have not yet heard and

accepted it. When the enemy offers false peace, we can stand

up to him. The sandals show we are ready to go out. Feet is

willingness to go out and share. 


So let me encourage you to go out with the Gospel in the

Peace that passes all understanding that comes from Jesus.



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