Helmet of Salvation

27 04 2015



Verse 17 of Ephesians 6 begins with: Take the Helmet of

Salvation. This is a mouthful…and very necessary. All of the

armor stems from this Helmet. Salvation only comes

through Jesus. We need this to be able to fight the enemy.

Actually, when you come to Jesus, satan becomes your foe. I

don’t want to discourage you from coming to Jesus. In the

long run, it’s worth it. Eternal life. That’s the blessing of

coming and accepting Jesus as your Savior. We deserve

death. We deserve hell. But Jesus took all our sin and shame

on the cross for us. And to clinch it all, He rose again to

prove we will live with Him on High. Thank You, Jesus! So,

when the Bible says Helmet of Salvation, it is saying put

Jesus on. Accept Him. So, let me urge each and every one of

you to come to Jesus today. Come to the foot of the cross and

accept Him as your Savior today.



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