25 05 2015



This is one verse I lean on quite often. Even though we have

asked Jesus to forgive us, we still have our human nature

(flesh) to contend with. We still get tempted. We still,

unfortunately, give in to that temptation. We still do wrong

things. What is so nice about this verse is that God still

forgives us. This was written to believers. Like them, we still

miss the mark. But God is always there ready to forgive. How

do we know we’ve done wrong? If you feel ‘dry’ on the inside,

that’s a pretty good clue you’ve done something wrong.

That’s when it’s time to do inventory and see where you

missed. If you can’t find it, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to

you, and He will. But, this does not give you a license to sin.

No, it doesn’t go that way. If you habitually do something,

that’s another story. This is just doing something wrong…a

sin. So, let me encourage you to ask forgiveness. He is

waiting for you.


23 05 2015



Now that we have finished with our study on the Armor of

God, there is a confession I would like to encourage all of

you to say each day.


I will be trained by God’s Word and take my place in God’s

mighty army.


I will strap on the weapons of my warfare:

My shield of faith

The breastplate of my righteousness

My weapons belt of truth

My gospel combat boots

My sword – the sword of the Spirit,

The Word of truth!

I confidently put on the armor of light and walk boldly in

the light! I am ready. I overcome the spirit of fear with the

Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

I take my place alongside Jesus, the Victor. And, knowing

the battle is already won, I declare: “I am a victor!”

Are You Using Your Sword?

17 05 2015



It’s time to get on with the armor. We are to the Sword of the

Spirit, which is the Word of God. This is the one that makes

satan cower. He does not like the Word. He will use it, twist

it, to make it look like it isn’t true. But we know better. When

we speak the Word, he has to flee? Why do I say speak?

Satan can’t read our thoughts. We can’t think or read to

make him flee. It takes speaking the Word! So speak the

Word today.


Happy Mother’s Day

10 05 2015



I just want to wish each and every one of you mothers a very

happy Mother’s Day. If it wasn’t for those godly praying

mothers, many of us would never have come to a saving

knowledge of Jesus. I especially would like to thank my

mother, who is now with Jesus, for being that kind of

mother. Again, Happy Mother’s Day!

Names of God

9 05 2015

Today’s devotional is the picture. There are many names of

God. There is one for what you need; that’s why He did that.

So I encourage you to go through this list, save it, and go to

the Name that will take care of your need.


Come to Me

4 05 2015



Jesus said, “Come to Me” (Matthew 11:28); He didn’t say run

to the phone and call three friends when we face an

emergency. I am not against asking people to pray for us, but

if we run to people, we won’t find a cure; we will find only a


What Is Your Heart Saying?

2 05 2015



“Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Kind or

judgmental words don’t just come to us—they come out of our mouths

because we have nurtured them in our minds. The more we open

ourselves to the Spirit’s positive and loving thoughts, the more we

pray, and the more we read God’s Word, the more good fruit we

produce on the inside—and that good fruit shows itself by the way we

behave toward others.

Dear loving and forgiving God, I ask You to forgive me for all the harsh

things I’ve said about other people. Also, please forgive me for

allowing harsh thoughts to fill my mind—about myself or about others.

I know I can’t make myself more loving, but You can. Please, help me

focus on healthy, positive thoughts, for I pray this in the name of Jesus

Christ. Amen.