Love – A Decision

13 06 2015



2 John 6 – Love. We all talk about love, but what exactly is it?

Well, I can tell you it isn’t feelings. It isn’t that “fuzzy”

feeling. It is a decision. You decide whether or not you are

going to love that person. And as this verse says, we love by

doing God’s commands, and one of them is love. If we do

what He wants us to do, that shows that you love Him. It is

the same with other people. If you do things for them, it

shows that you love them. When you begin to live for

yourself, the love is not shown. That is when I would ask

you, “Do you really love them?” God showed His love for us

by sacrificing His only Son for us so we could live with Him

forever. Well, I want to live with Him, so I will show my love

by doing for Him. Will you?



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