Proverbs 18-19

19 07 2015



My words are like deep waters and a sparkling stream.

I run to the Name if the Lord, which is as a strong tower and it keeps me safe and strong.

I am always seeking after knowledge.


I walk with integrity.

I am prosperous because I keep understanding before me.

I have good sense because I do not let my anger get ahead of me. I overlook offenses.

I reverently worship the Lord, which leads me to life, which then gives me rest.

Proverbs 17

18 07 2015



I forgive those who offend me because I follow after love. I have friends who love me and whom I love. We love enough to tell each other the truth – even if it hurts.

I am happy and cheerful, which brings healing to my body.

I am understanding and I seek after wisdom. I have understanding, which make me calm and cool. I do not speak harsh words.

Proverbs 16

16 07 2015



I trust everything to the Lord, for He will cause my thought to agree with His thoughts, then my plans will succeed.

When my ways please the Lord, even those who don’t like me will be at peace with me.

I may make up my own plans, but the Lord directs my steps.

I find good wherever I go because I deal wisely and I heed God’s Word. I am happy because I am confident in the Lord.

My mind instructs my mouth, so I continue to learn.

I hold my anger for in the end it is better for me.

Proverbs 15

15 07 2015



I give gentle answers for they will dispel anger and are like a Tree of Life.

The Lord delights in my prayers. He loves me because I pursue after godliness.

I hunger for knowledge. I am sensible because I stay on the path that is right.

I say the right thing at the right time. The lord is delighted with my pure words. I think carefully before I speak.

The Lord hears my prayers.

I grow in understanding because I listen to the correction given to me.

Proverbs 14

14 07 2015



I am on the right path because I fear the Lord. My words will keep me safe. I am safe and secure because I fear the Lord.

I am an honest witness. I do NOT lie. I save lives because I always tell the truth.

Knowledge come to me easily because I have understanding.

I acknowledge and seek reconciliation. I can control my anger because I have understanding.

I carefully consider every step I take. I am cautious and avoid danger.

I am blessed because I help the poor – those who cannot help themselves.

I receive unfailing love and faithfulness because I always plan to do good.

I am healthy because I am at peace.

Proverbs 13

14 07 2015


I will have a long life because I keep my tongue under control. If I talk too much, it can ruin everything.

I prosper because I am a hard worker. Wealth comes to me over time because I work hard.

I do not have conflicts because I am not puffed up with pride. I take advise from those who are wiser than me.

I am respected because I have good sense. I think before I act because I am wise.

Proverbs 11 – 12

12 07 2015


I am directed by honesty. I a rescued from trouble. I am trustworthy and keep another’s confidence.

I give freely, which makes me wealthy. I will prosper because I am generous.

I will find favor because I search for what is good.


I learn because I love discipline. I get admiration because of my “good” sense.

I have plenty of food because I am a hard worker. I have many benefits because of what I have spoken. My hard work has brought me rewards.

When insulted, I stay calm. I hold my temper. I always tell the truth. My words are like a healing balm to those who are hurting. My words will stand the test of time, for I always tell the truth. The Lord delights in me because I tell the truth.

I am not a show-off by my many words. I encourage others and give good advice to my friends.

I walk in the ways of the Lord which leads me to life, not death.