Which Way Are You Going?

12 08 2015



Our mind’s plans are based on what we know or think, but

God often leads us in an entirely different direction. We only

know a little and we base our plans on what we know, but

God knows everything. He knows the end from the

beginning and will always direct our steps in what will

ultimately work out for our best, if we will cooperate with

Him. God’s ways may not always be quick, or according to

our desires, but He does have an appointed time, and it will

be the right time. God has an appointment with your

circumstance, with your breakthrough, with your answered



If only God knows the appointed time and if we believe He

loves us, then why can’t we believe that at the appointed time

we’re going to get our breakthrough? We can prove that we

trust God by enjoying our lives and being peaceful while we



God has an appointment with your breakthrough – so be

patient while you wait.



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