Jesus, the Man

6 02 2016

Jesus wept

John 11:35 – Jesus Wept.

This shows just how human Jesus is.  He wept over the loss of his friend.  He wept over the unbelief of the people.  

That is why I like this picture so much.  I believe He is still weeping.  Weeping over the strife amongst the churches today.  Weeping over all the unbelief.  

You know, hell was never made for people.  It was made for Satan and his followers, the fallen angels.  People have asked, “If God is so loving, why does he send people to hell?” The answer to that question: He doesn’t.  God made people with choice.  People choose to go there.  Now that doesn’t make sense, does it?  Well, let’s put it this way then.  If you don’t choose to follow Jesus and accept Him as your Lord and Savior, you have chosen to go to hell.  If you don’t choose, you cannot go to heaven and be with Him.  The choice is hell.  

Now you can see why He is weeping.  He is weeping over this whole world.  He will not push Him onto you.  You have to choose Him.  

From the title: Man?  Yes, man.  But also God.  Today is the day of salvation.  I have heard of many young teenagers dying in car crashes lately.  You cannot afford to wait to make this decision.  Accept Him today.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for me and raising again on the third day.  I accept your life today and want to live for You.  In your name, Amen.

If you just prayed that prayer, Welcome to the Family!  Now the next thing I want you to do is to let me know.  I will write back…I promise.  Again, Welcome!