5 06 2016


There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t been wronged at some point in their life. Whether the wrong is the result of a minor offence or a major trauma, we all have a choice to make. We can either let the wrong that was perpetrated against us cause us to sit down and wallow in pity, or we can choose to get up, dust ourselves off, forgive, and keep going.

Forgiveness is a choice, and it’s never to late to make the right choice.

You cannot expect any significant growth in your life until you release yourself from the effects of the wrong that was committed against you. Give it all to God: the anger, the resentment, the hurt, the shame, the guilt—and whatever else it is that has kept you an emotional prisoner of the past.

I realize it’s not easy to forgive when you’ve been treated badly or abused in some way, but forgiveness is the very key to your freedom. It is a powerful tool that God has provided for us so that we can remain free from our past and in right standing with Him.