6 06 2018

armor of God

We have the armor of God that He has given us.  I can safely say that we most likely don’t put it on.  We put clothes on in the morning…but what about your armor?  There is a big bad world out there, and we can’t do it on our own.  A lot of us expect God to take care of it, and He does…with our help.  This is a communion – you do your part, He does His.  Your part begins with putting on the armor.  How do you do that?  The Word.  Speak His Word every day when you get up.  Quote Ephesians 6.  Personalize it.  When those trials come upon  you, you have your armor on.  But also, as it says at the top of this picture, pray in the Spirit.  What is that?  That is your heavenly language when you get baptized in the Holy Spirit.  This is a whole different experience after salvation.  It’s a gift.  Any questions about this, you may ask me.  My recommendation is to read Acts 2 and 1 Corinthians 14.  This should help clear some of it up for you.

So, my question for you today:  Do you know about the armor?  You have read it.  But…have you put it on?  We need to put it on.



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