1 12 2018


Becoming Gertrude is one woman’s wisdom on the beauty of spiritual friendship and God’s unfolding grace over the course of a life lived for Him. Jan uses the term spiritual friendship to capture this idea of journeying with others through life, sharing experiences and wisdom and seeking God together. In Becoming Gertrude, Jan wants to be your spiritual friend, sharing what she’s learned and painting a picture of what you might uncover as you seek to develop these kinds of relationships in your own life.

Join Jan in exploring the critical pieces of spiritual friendship: hospitality, encouragement, acceptance, serving, and caring. With seasoned wisdom and winsome stories, Jan uses personal experiences to walk you through what each of these things can mean in your life. You can have rich, rewarding, faith-filled friendships that emerge from the everyday rhythms of your days—and Becoming Gertrude will lead you on that journey.

This was a very good from the beginning.  The only reason why I put it down to a 4-star is because she used the Message Bible, which I am not too fond of.  Spiritual Friendship is the main topic of this book and a very good idea.  I have thought of mentors – but not friendships.  This puts it into the personal, which is very good.  She brings out 5 points: Caring, Acceptance, Service, Hospitality, and Encouragement.  We all need to learn to do all 5 of these.  I put this as a should read.  It is not very long, so easy to read.


Janice Peterson is the wife of beloved pastor and author Eugene Peterson and the mother of three. Becoming Gertrude, her first book, illustrates the legacy of a life of faith and intentional relationship.

Becoming Gertrude became available for sale November 6, 2018.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for this review.






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