27 04 2019


Taken from Genesis 22

This is where Abraham is following God’s instructions to sacrifice Isaac upon the altar.

I would like us to focus on Isaac today. Can you imagine what he was thinking?

In Isaac’s words:

Father and I are going to do a sacrifice on a mountain. We have travelled so far, and finally we are here! I look around. I am carrying the wood, but where is the lamb? Where is the sacrifice? All Father said is that God would provide. Where? We are almost there. Something inside me is saying this is not good. Not good at all!
Here we are on top. That was a tiring journey up here. We have set the rocks for the altar. Then Father and I put the wood on top. I look around. Still no lamb. Father ties me up. No! Father! Don’t do this! And then he picks me up and puts me on the wood. Father!!!! He just says to trust in God. But Father! Yet, I see tears in his eyes. This is God. I didn’t do anything wrong. Then he covers my eyes. Trust. Isaac, trust God. Then we heard the angels say not to kill me. Oh, the relief! I can’t keep the smile off of my face. And there, just a little bit away, is a ram caught. The sacrifice that God provided.
Father said it was a test to see if he believed God totally. But I think it was a test for me, too. I had to trust God, too. I am so glad we were faithful.

May we be as Abraham and Isaac and be faithful.




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22 05 2019

Hi there friends, its great piece of wrioting on the topic of educationand
fully explained, keep it up all the time.

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