4 06 2019



My name is Anna and I am 84 years old. My life has not been easy, but it has been a very blessed one. I live in Jerusalem and you can find me most times at the temple. God has been very good to me as He has gifted me with prophecy. I don’t say this lightly, as being a woman, it could be frowned upon.

To go back, my marriage was not without conflict. My husband – oh, he was a gentle soul. We were only married for seven years before he was killed in battle. That hurt. Oh, how that hurt. What was worse than that, is that we did not have any children. At first I questioned God why He made me barren. What had I done? But as I got older, I realized He had something better in store for me.

And then there was today. This young couple comes to the temple to have their son circumcised. My spirit leaped inside of me. This is the promised Messiah! How could I do anything less than praise and thank our God for sending His Son? I feel so honored for having been able to see Him. I now can die in peace.

Luke 2:36-38




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