18 05 2020

warfare cover


This is one of those books you don’t just read through.  This is a book that will help enhance your prayer life.  This is not just for women, but all who are wanting to step their prayer life up.  This is a book that will definitely be in my prayer “closet”.  I highly recommend this book – especially for those who need a guide in how to pray for specific things.  I actually used this for the National Day of Prayer time.  There are many prayers for different topics.  Along with that is some scripture that goes along with that topic.  This is a must have for every Christian home.


SYNOPSIS: Satan has a strategy to wreak havoc in our lives by stirring up strife, disrupting relationships, and overwhelming us with fear, anxiety, anger, and insecurity. Although our adversary is relentless, women are particularly equipped to stand confidently in this war through biblically based, intentional prayer–the heart of spiritual warfare.


Quin Sherrer


Quin Sherrer has written or co-authored 31 books, with sales exceeding one million copies. Having served several years with Aglow International ministry, Quin is available to speak on her book topics. She lives in Florida; her website is www.quinsherrer.com.


Ruthanne Garlock


Ruthanne Garlock, an author and Bible teacher, has co-authored 20 books with Quin Sherrer and written two missions biographies. With a ministry background in 35 nations, she teaches for seminars and women’s groups. Ruthanne lives in Texas; her website is www.garlockministries.org.


Warfare Prayers for Women became available for sale May 5, 2020.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.



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