Enter Boldly

1 06 2015



Have boldness to enter into the throne room. What!? That is

where the high priest went once a year, and he had a rope

tied to His ankle with bells on it. If they didn’t hear those

bells anymore, they dragged the priest back, and most likely

he was dead. Now the New Testament says we can enter

boldly? Yes, and that’s because of Jesus. The sins were taken

care of once and for all by Jesus. It is all taken care of. We

can enter with no fear. This also is not a physical building,

but we can enter into God’s presence boldly. So the next

question is how? First of all by coming to Jesus. Accept Him

as your personal Lord and Savior. Then get into prayer. Talk

to Him. Tell Him exactly how you feel. Be quiet. He wants to

talk to you, too. He is your friend, and friends communicate

together. So let me encourage you today to enter into His

throne room boldly and communicate with your Creator.