23 04 2018

1 pet 5 6 7

Humble yourself under God’s mighty hand.  How can that be done?  Won’t He squash me?  Humble, submit.  It all comes under the heading of obedience.  Yes, we want to be lifted up.  We want to rise above the enemy.  But first, we need to humble ourselves.  How can we do that?  Become as innocent as a child.  Take everything that God says to you.  Believe every Word he says.

This next part everyone knows.  Cast all your anxiety on Him.  Cast it out as if casting out your fishing line.  Throw out that care.  Throw out that problem.  Throw out that sickness.  Throw out that poverty.  Everything that is on your plate right now – throw that out.  God will catch it.  Now when you go fishing, you throw out that line with bait on it.  But when you draw it back, there’s a fish on the end of that line.  Well, same way with God.  You throw out that problem to God.  He takes it and replaces it with hope, forgiveness, healing, prosperity.  Yes, sometimes there’s something to be obedient about first.  Just sometimes we have to do something.  But, you know, that’s okay.  That means He trusts us enough to get the job done.

Why would He trust us with that?  Like the end of the verse says:  He cares for you.  He cares enough for you to not just give you what you want or need.  He care enough for you to give you a task to do to allow you to grow in the meantime.

Let us all cast your cares on Him.  Let us humble ourselves to be obedient to what He wants us to do.  Do all of this because He cares for us and wants us to grow mightily in Him!

Cast Away Your Cares

12 08 2015



Casting the care of your problems on the Lord (and not taking it back)

isn’t always an easy thing to do. However, if you fail to cast your care

on God as the Word instructs, you will hinder Him in exalting you

above your circumstances or problems.

The Bible says the evil one seeks those he may devour, meaning those

who allow him to do so. One of the ways you can allow the devil access

to your life is by taking on the care of your situation to the point that

you are consumed by it.

Casting your care upon the Lord activates the power of God to work in

and through your situation; it allows Him to bring miracles and


God isn’t asking you to pretend your problems don’t exist; He just

doesn’t want you to take on the care of them. To take on care means to

constantly talk about the problem, think about the problem, and worry

about the problem to the point that it appears there is no way out of

the problem.

God is a loving Father who is ready to help you in your time of need.

Make the decision to cast your care upon the Lord today, knowing that

He will exalt you at exactly the right time.