Be Ready

28 02 2015



Be therefore ready, for you do not know what time He will come. Let

me encourage you today…Jesus is coming back…and soon! When

things get you down, just think on that.




But also, you do not know exactly when He will be coming, but He did

give us signs. My recommendation is to read the entire chapter of

Matthew 24. Much of it is in there. Yes, there is much more that talks

of end times. The enemy is on the prowl. He knows his time is getting

short and he is on the rise using people.


So, the question is: Are you ready? How do you get ready? Accept

Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Believe He came down to

earth, stripped of His diety, and died for you and rose again after three




So I plead with you today to get ready now. Today is the day of

salvation. As this verse says, you don’t know when He is coming. Don’t

put it off, for you could be too late.



2012 – The Beginning of the End

16 05 2013

This is a very poorly written book…more like a booklet.  I read the Kindle version of this, and was very disappointed.  Only 12 short chapters (that was the good part).  Many grammatical errors that you would have learned in grade school…punctuation, past and present tense in one sentence.  Made this difficult to read because of that.  I do NOT recommend this book.  It’s as if the author wants to be Superman and save the world.  NOT!  Don’t waste your time on this book.


16 05 2013

AWESOME! A completely awesome book that keeps you riveted. Keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the book. Here is a young man who is persecuting Christians after WWIII. What is his name? Paul. His story is very similar to the Apostle Paul from the Bible. He was struck blind after an accident. He was miraculously healed. He became a Christian. He became a big part for the Underground. I highly recommend this book as a Must Read.


29 01 2013


Just read Left Behind…very riveting.  Keeps you glued to it from beginning to end.  This is about being left behind when God takes His people away at the rapture.  Is there a second chance for those who,will be left behind?  What will happen?  It’s good that the authors put in the plan of salvation…just what does it all mean, what do you do?  This is a must read!