26 09 2019

forged through fire cover


This was a very interesting story about the life of the author, Mark D. McDonough, MD.  All that he went through would have stopped most people, but he kept going on.  At the age of 16, getting terribly burned over about 60% of his body while his mother and youngest brother died in that same house fire.  He had a stroke, lost another brother to suicide.  This is just a taste of what he went through.  But he didn’t quit.  He went on to be not just a doctor, but a plastic surgeon to help restore burned victims like himself.  While he was going through his first surgery, he had a near death experience (NDE).  That bolstered his faith, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from becoming an alcoholic like his father.


This is a book not just about what he went through, but how he got through it.  This is a very encouraging story that will help all of us to keep on going…to not quit.


When Mark McDonough was a teen, a catastrophic fire claimed the lives of his mother and younger brother. It also left Mark with burns on over 65 percent of his body. During a long and painful recovery, his faltering faith in God was strengthened by a remarkable near-death experience. Inspired to pursue a career as a plastic surgeon to help those who suffer as he has, McDonough has overcome numerous other adversities on his journey, including addiction and a stroke. Now he shares his incredible true story of survival and perseverance to bring hope and healing to those dealing with great physical and emotional pain.

Anyone who has suffered or watched a loved one suffer from a personal trauma, disease, or loss that has tested or stolen their faith and exhausted their emotional resources will find real hope in this redemptive story.


mark mcdonough


Mark McDonough is a physical therapist, physician, and plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  A graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and trained in general, burn, and plastic surgery at the University of South Florida and Vanderbilt University, he has served as an adjunct professor in physical therapy and worked with trauma patients at hospitals in Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida, where he later founded his own practice.


Forged Through Fire became available for sale September 3, 2019.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.


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