27 04 2018


Are you showing yourself friendly?  Do you want friends?  Those are two good questions for today.  Let me ask another question:  What kind of friends do you like?

There are negative people and there are positive people.  We are drawn to the kind of people that we are like.  I know I don’t like people who say they are my friend and keep talking me down.  They won’t be my friend much longer if they keep that up.  Complainers and gossips I put in the category of negative people.  Gossips have the need to spread rumors to make them feel good.  They are insecure.   But on the other hand, encouragers are the ones who love the Lord with all their heart.  That just seems to be the trend.  They know they have a future with Him and will encourage others to have that future, too.

Now what does it mean that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother?  Well, I can tell you, I have 4 brothers.  But, I have friends I would tell anything to.  I trust them with my life.  But my brothers?  Well, let’s just say, sibling rivalry can put a rift in any relationship.  But, my best friend?  Jesus.  I can tell Him anything and He won’t be turned away.  He is always there when I need someone.  He will do anything for me.  But, He also expects me to do my part.  And what is my part?  To obey the Word.

So, let’s make this easy.  To have a friend, be a friend.  Not grudgingly, but lovingly.  Be an encourager to someone today.


12 03 2018

the push cover

When Marcus moved next door to John, they knew instantly they’d be friends. Now John and Marcus do almost everything together. They go on lots of adventures, with Marcus pushing John’s wheelchair and John fueling their escapades with jokes. Through their friendship, the boys discover that their unique gifts make them stronger together.

Based on the friendship of real-life best friends Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck, The Push teaches kids that people of all abilities have important roles to play and that we’re all better together than we are on our own.

This is a very enjoyable book about friendship.  We have a tendency to look at the outside…what that person looks like.  But these two boys saw something on the inside of each.  One in a wheelchair; one not.  But their strengths and weaknesses complimented each other.  The best part of this book was how the one boy helped his wheelchair-bound friend go places he normally would not have been able to.  Also, with this being based on the lives of the writer and the illustrator made this book that much better.

Patrick Gray

Patrick Gray has always had a love for writing.  Patrick spent time as a biologist, a construction worker, a high school teacher, a nurse, and a hospital service line director.  He now works with his best friend, Illustrator Justin Skeesuck at Push, Inc., where they help people overcome limitations in their lives.  Patrick lives in Idaho with his wife, Donna, and their three children.

Justin Skeesuck

John Skeesuck has enjoyed a successful career as a graphic designer for many years.  When a progressive neuromuscular disease robbed him of the use of his hands, he had to change course with his career.  Justin lives in Idaho with his wife, Kirstin, and their three children.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review.