It Is Finished!

3 04 2015



Today is Good Friday. Why do they even call it good when

you are celebrating someone’s death? Good question. It

didn’t stop with His death – it started. As Jesus said: It is

Finished. What was finished? The reason He came…to

redeem everyone from their sin. When was the last time you

heard that phrase? That was Gen. 2:2 – God ‘finished’. Both

these happened on the same Jewish day – Yom Ha Shishi,

which means the sixth day. It actually begins Thursday night

and ends Friday at sundown. Jesus was betrayed at the

beginning of Yom Ha Shishi. He finished His work at the

cross when He died at the end of Yom Ha Shishi. Our

redemption was accomplished. This is just something that

really caught my attention. A lot of people argue about what

day of the week He actually died on – Thursday or Friday. It

all took place on both. So, why do we celebrate Good Friday?

To celebrate that God brought redemption to us once and for

all. Why did I say it started? That’s our part. That’s when the

Gospel became alive to us and we are responsible to tell

others what Jesus did. Thank You Jesus! Now let’s go out

and tell the world!