7 05 2018


Do you have times where nothing goes right?  Seems like the whole world is against you?  Well, let God make new.  He says I am doing a new thing.  He may be preparing you for something new that you know nothing about.  Yes, it can seem as if everyone is against you.  But I know Someone who isn’t.  God is always for you.  He is always on your side.  But the question remains – Are you on His side?  Do you do what He wants you to do?  I know, those are hard questions, but they need to be answered.

This is a good verse for the beginning of a new week.  If last week was the pits, let this week be new.  Start on a fresh new page – with God at the helm.  Let Him pick you up and make you new again.  He loves you so much.

Have a wonderful week!