24 05 2016


In the village of Herrnhut, Germany, there is a church called the Moravian Meeting House. In the adjoining cemetery are the remains of Count Nikolous Ludwig von Zinzendorf.

Though his family wished him to become a diplomat, he loved the Lord and felt he was called to do God’s work. He soon found it. A group of Moravian Christians nearby were being persecuted for believing in God. They approached Zinzendorf asking for help in founding a place for them to live in peace. Zinzendorf gave them land on his estate, established the village of Herrnhut and lead the people in their spiritual lives.

How many souls did Zinzendorf help lead to the Lord? Only God knows. More importantly, how many souls would have been lost had he chosen the way of the world, rather than to serve God?

What is the Lord leading you to do? Do not allow the ways of the world to draw you away from the path the Lord has set you on. Through Him you may accomplish great things for His kingdom. Follow Him and He will use you for a great purpose.