Come Back!

6 10 2015

first love

Have you left your first love?  Has your love for Jesus waned a bit?  Come Back!


Are you cold?  Are you hot?  There is no middle ground.  Be either cold or hot.  Make your choice.

revelation 3_16

Here is the reason.  If you insist on being in the middle.  Black or white…no gray.  You will be spit out.  Ouch!


Yes, Jesus is knocking at your heart’s door.  Will you open it?  He cannot.  There is no door handle on the outside.  You have to open the door.  Invite Him in today.  Just tell Him you want to be hot for Him again.  Tell Him you want to come back.  Come Back!  I urge you, don’t wait to long.  Time is running short.  Repent.  Come Back!