27 09 2018

second chance dogs cover

Second-Chance Dogs was riveting.  There are 30 short stories about how dogs who need rescued and people who need rescued by dogs.  In the beginning of the book, I was laughing until I had tears running down my face.  

The area I wish to comment on is the very last story.  It is something my husband and I are dealing with right now, so naturally, I was crying.  This was talking about her feelings about one dog dying and another one needing to be put down and her need to get another dog to fill the empty space.  I feel with her and know exactly how she felt.  It has helped me in knowing that we have made the right decision about our dog.  

I would highly recommend this book, as it has many happy endings how both dogs and people needed each other and how they got together in the first place.  It all comes down to one four-letter word: Love.  They both needed love.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for this review.