7 05 2018

time travelers cover

Time travel. Nobody really believes in it, but when Claire, Gerald and Wally wake to find themselves trapped in a strange, glass dome, they’re forced to face the fact that a) it exists and b) there’s stranger still to come.

Lifted from a place of danger, somehow each have been whisked through time to…here. Their one common memory before blacking out is a silver globe spinning in the air, and when it reappears, a spirit life form inhabiting the object is revealed. Axolear, their rescuer, tells of their parents, who have been taken by the Nephilites, an alien race responsible for the destruction of Axolear’s kind. Now they have their sights set on earth and Axolear seeks vengeance upon them, but needs the help of these three to do it.

He aims to bring about a confrontation with this evil empire with only himself and the Remnant of his race. Determined to save their parents – and now in spirit forms themselves – the three teens embark on this mission, little knowing the pitfalls and catastrophes that lie in wait. And what about Axolear – can they trust him? And if they don’t, what worse events could be in store?

This was an interesting story and definitely SciFi.  It took me awhile to get into this because it is not my usual genre of books.  After awhile, though, I started getting interested.  I wanted to help these kids find their parents and get them in their right minds.  Towards the end, I couldn’t put it down.  I was hooked.  I was taken aback by the ending, but was good.  I do recommend this, especially to those SciFi buffs.

Alan Crosby was born and raised in North London, but moved to New Zealand after meeting his wife, who was on her OE. Time has always been a fascination for him.

I Received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley for this review.