17 04 2018


This is one of my favorite scriptures.  But yet, I have quite a few favorites.  But this, ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God.  It is like looking in a mirror.  You see your flaws.  But, don’t only see your flaws, but work those flaws out.

Another aspect of this is that the Scripture was written over many decades.  But the subject of this Book is the same.  The Old Testament had you looking forward to Jesus.  The New Testament was Jesus.  Now how cool is that?  On top of this, none of the writers really knew each other!  You think Paul knew Moses?  No.  He knew about him, but he didn’t know him!

Another observation is ALL Scripture – inspiration by God.  To me, that doesn’t mean you have to use the King James Bible only.  There are many versions and many translations out there.  Take use of them!  I am one who does not understand KJV very well at all.  But, give me NIV or NLT, I understand what God is trying to get across.  You have to realize that when the KJV was written, they talked different.  They used the thee’s and thou’s.  That was their vernacular.  If you try to speak that out in the open today, people will tell you to stop quoting the Bible.  Paraphrase it!  It is all God-breathed.  It is all inspired.  It just makes it easier to understand.