9 05 2018


This is a verse that got me through a very rough time in my life.  Just think of it.  God keeps track of our sorrows.  Everything that we are going through; every hurt; every problem.  He knows and He keep track of them all.  He collects my tears in His bottle.  This was a Jewish custom, that when a spouse at least, you put your tears in a bottle.  So, in this context, God collects every tear that I have shed into a bottle.  I can tell you, I have shed a many tear in my day.  I have had many heartaches.  I cried over all of them.  Just to think, my God has saved those tears.  It is beyond words for me.  Then, on top of that, He records them into a book!  I think He writes that I cried on a certain day and time and the sorrow that caused those tears.  I also believe that He saves every happy tear, too!  This scripture says all tears, so I have to believe sad, mad, happy, and joyful tears!  Every kind of tear is in that bottle with my name on it.  He cares enough for me that He saves them.

So today, if you are hurting and shedding a tear, just remember, God is on your side and saving every single tear.