Belt of Truth

12 04 2015


Today we will begin our armor with the Belt of Truth from

Ephesians 6:14. Now what exactly is that? We will begin with

the Roman belt as worn at that time. The belt was used to

hold the soldier’s clothing to keep it from flapping around to

allow freedom of movement. It was also used to strengthen

and support the body and help hold the breastplate up. The

sign of the Christian soldier is the truth of God that holds

everything together. Only God can possess and give enough

pure truth to embrace all men. Only God can can share the

truth of abundant and eternal life. Also, Jesus said He was

the Truth. So, what is the Belt of Truth? It is the Belt of

Jesus, for Jesus is Truth. It holds up the breastplate, which

will be brought up in tomorrow’s devotion. So, let’s put on

our belts.