25 06 2015


Plow up the hard ground of your hearts.  In your gardens the hard ground is worthless.  Let’s go a little farther with this.  Satan’s name in the Bible is Belial.  That is Hebrew for Bel-ya-al, which means worthless.  Som the devil is not only evil, but worthless.  The more you din, the more worthless you become as a believer.  It wastes your life, time, thoughts, energy, and your walk.  Satan wants you worthless.  When you sin, you are not serving God or spreading the Gospel.  You don’t praise or glorify God.  You miss the call on your life -completely worthless.  Sin is not only a waste, but waste is sin.  Think back on what you are doing.  Wasting time in front if the computer?  The TV?  How about texting on your cell phone?  Instead, spend time in the Word, communing with your Creator – God Almighty.  Jesus gave His life for you so your life would be worth something.  It is…if you spend it with Him.  All else is of the devil.