Are You Using Your Sword?

17 05 2015



It’s time to get on with the armor. We are to the Sword of the

Spirit, which is the Word of God. This is the one that makes

satan cower. He does not like the Word. He will use it, twist

it, to make it look like it isn’t true. But we know better. When

we speak the Word, he has to flee? Why do I say speak?

Satan can’t read our thoughts. We can’t think or read to

make him flee. It takes speaking the Word! So speak the

Word today.


Helmet of Salvation

27 04 2015



Verse 17 of Ephesians 6 begins with: Take the Helmet of

Salvation. This is a mouthful…and very necessary. All of the

armor stems from this Helmet. Salvation only comes

through Jesus. We need this to be able to fight the enemy.

Actually, when you come to Jesus, satan becomes your foe. I

don’t want to discourage you from coming to Jesus. In the

long run, it’s worth it. Eternal life. That’s the blessing of

coming and accepting Jesus as your Savior. We deserve

death. We deserve hell. But Jesus took all our sin and shame

on the cross for us. And to clinch it all, He rose again to

prove we will live with Him on High. Thank You, Jesus! So,

when the Bible says Helmet of Salvation, it is saying put

Jesus on. Accept Him. So, let me urge each and every one of

you to come to Jesus today. Come to the foot of the cross and

accept Him as your Savior today.

Shield of Faith

22 04 2015



We now go to Ephesians 6:16 – The Shield of Faith. Take up

the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the

flaming arrows of the evil one. Let’s begin with faith. What is

faith? Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the substance of things

hoped for. In my words, faith is believing and expecting God

to come through.

Next, who is the enemy? We have talked about this before.

The enemy is satan and his domain. You accept Jesus, he

goes to war against you. He is not happy that he lost you. He

will be throwing things in your way. That’s why you need

that shield of faith. Your faith in God. Expecting God to come

through every time. Don’t waver. Don’t let doubt come in.

Sometimes He comes through in ways you never expected. I

think that sometimes He laughs when He surprises us in

how He comes through. But, the thing here is to keep that

shield up. Keep your faith up. When those thoughts come in,

say God is going to come through. I believe Him. You can’t

have me, satan! Another thing when you can’t think of

anything else to say when he’s throwing dart after dart at

you…JESUS! Believe me, that works! So let’s go out with our

shields in place.



Put on Your Armor

6 04 2015


Put on the full armor of God so you can stand against the

devil’s schemes. Now that is a mouthful. We will continue 

this week with each armor so you can know what you have

and how to use them. Today, I just want you to know that

you do have armor. We are in the army of God. We are His

warriors. We are in a fight against the devil and his army.

This is a spiritual war, so we have spiritual weapons. So let’s

get ready and get out there and fight!