27 04 2018


Are you showing yourself friendly?  Do you want friends?  Those are two good questions for today.  Let me ask another question:  What kind of friends do you like?

There are negative people and there are positive people.  We are drawn to the kind of people that we are like.  I know I don’t like people who say they are my friend and keep talking me down.  They won’t be my friend much longer if they keep that up.  Complainers and gossips I put in the category of negative people.  Gossips have the need to spread rumors to make them feel good.  They are insecure.   But on the other hand, encouragers are the ones who love the Lord with all their heart.  That just seems to be the trend.  They know they have a future with Him and will encourage others to have that future, too.

Now what does it mean that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother?  Well, I can tell you, I have 4 brothers.  But, I have friends I would tell anything to.  I trust them with my life.  But my brothers?  Well, let’s just say, sibling rivalry can put a rift in any relationship.  But, my best friend?  Jesus.  I can tell Him anything and He won’t be turned away.  He is always there when I need someone.  He will do anything for me.  But, He also expects me to do my part.  And what is my part?  To obey the Word.

So, let’s make this easy.  To have a friend, be a friend.  Not grudgingly, but lovingly.  Be an encourager to someone today.


26 04 2018


What does this mean living according to the flesh?  That was one of the hardest things for me to grasp as a new Christian.  Flesh is skin and bones – isn’t it?  Well, yes and no.  According to the flesh in the Bible is living according to the way you want to live, not God’s ways.  So, how do you put those desires to death?  First by prayer.  Prayer is always key in changing the way you have been to what you need to be.  You need divine guidance in this.  The next step is to stop doing what you are doing.  What?  You have got to be kidding me!  No way!  Yeah way.  If you want to live, you need to put those old habits, old desires down and never pick them back up again.  Let me be real here, I still struggle with this.  I have been a Christian since 1978, and I still struggle.  It’s not easy.  But the rewards are great!  To be close to God is the most awesome thing there is.

But here’s the clincher.  If you are led by the Spirit of God, you are sons (and daughters) of God.  I have a saying.  God, my Abba, is King of the universe.  So, that makes me a princess.  I tell the devil that I am the princess of the Most High King.  Hands off!  You know, that works!  He knows that I know who I am and Who’s I am.  Yeah, he continues to try to make me trip.  And sometimes I do.  But I remind myself that I am a princess.  Guys, that means you are princes of the Most High.  Now how awesome is that?

So, I like you to realize who you are in Christ.  By His Spirit, you can walk as the princes and princesses that you are.  You are royalty!

Proverbs 16

16 07 2015



I trust everything to the Lord, for He will cause my thought to agree with His thoughts, then my plans will succeed.

When my ways please the Lord, even those who don’t like me will be at peace with me.

I may make up my own plans, but the Lord directs my steps.

I find good wherever I go because I deal wisely and I heed God’s Word. I am happy because I am confident in the Lord.

My mind instructs my mouth, so I continue to learn.

I hold my anger for in the end it is better for me.

Praise Him

31 03 2015



Psalm 100:4 – This shows you that you can keep on going into

God and enter His presence. Enter His gates with

thanksgiving. That’s why I begin my prayers with thanking

God for who He is and what He’s done for me. That allows

me to walk onto His property. The gate is at the end of the

driveway at the road. I am now onto His property. But the

house up ahead. How do I get into the house? Enter His

courts with praise. Keep on praising Him. Tell Him you love

Him. You will get into the house…into His courts. There is

nothing like it. You can sense that you have gone right into

the throne room. You now have His complete attention. The

love you feel is awesome. I encourage you to get into this

place today. But let me tell you, it takes awhile. While you

are praising, you are purging yourself of you. It’s all about

Him. Praise Him today.

No Condemnation

30 03 2015



There is NO condemnation for those who are in Jesus. So,

are you feeling condemned today? If you are, there are two

reasons why.

1) You are not in Jesus. You have not accepted Him as your

personal Lord and Savior.

2) The enemy is condemning you for what you did in the

past. If you have confessed that to the Lord, don’t accept

that. Tell the devil that it was forgiven.

Now God will convict you of things you need to change, but

He never condemns.

Now I want to go back to number one. This is Easter week.

We think more on what Jesus did for us at this time. I would

be neglecting my duty if I did not offer you to come to Jesus



If you were the only one on earth, He would still have died

and rose again for you. He loves you that much. Will you

come to Him today?

Watch Your Mouth

22 02 2015


Whoever keeps his tongue keeps from trouble. That means we need to

watch what we say. We can’t go running our mouths and expect to stay

out of trouble. My mouth has gotten me in more trouble than I want to

count. Talking without thinking what you’re saying will get you into

trouble every time because the wrong thing will come out. The wrong

attitude or body language can also speak volumes. So, if you want to

stay out of trouble, watch what you say.

Guard Your Heart

20 02 2015



This can be taken two different ways. Let’s begin with the physical

heart. If we don’t take care of our heart, we don’t live. With heart

disease on the rise, we need to take care of it. We need to keep

everything open so the blood flows throughout the body.



Now to the spiritual. We call our spirit the heart over and over. We

need to guard it against spiritual attacks. Most of the attacks are sly.

So, are we going to allow those sly thoughts that come in to our minds

to get to our hearts? Then, are we going to allow them to get inside of

us? That is something to think about. What we allow into our hearts

flows throughout us.


We have the choice. What are you going to choose today? Are you

going to act on every thought that comes into your mind? Or are you

going to filter through them and only act on the thoughts from God?

Let’s choose to only act on His thoughts.