Remember 9/11

11 09 2015

9 11

Just about everyone can remember what they were doing when they heard of the destruction of 9/11.  All the news media was on it.  That was mass destruction on our beloved country, America.  We came together then.  Will we come together now?  Yes, let’s never forget 9/11, but America is going downhill.  America became known as a Christian Country.  I can tell you now, that we are no more.  So what am I saying?


We need to get on our knees and pray as never before.  We need to get on our faces before God Almighty to save our land.  Yes, America needs saved.


We need to pray for revival.  An Azuza Street Revival to return to America.

Is anyone with me?  PRAY FOR REVIVAL!!!!!!!

Prayer and Thanksgiving

5 03 2015



Never stop praying. As the King James puts it: Pray without

ceasing. Tall order. How can we pray continually? As you go

through your day, put up little one sentence prayers.


Pray for the people you run into throughout your day. Pray

for the other drivers as you are driving.


Be thankful in all circumstances. All. That’s the key word

here. All. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, be

thankful. No, it’s not easy. You don’t need to be thankful for

what you are going through. Be thankful that God will be

with you throughout.


Thank Him for being with you.

As this verse also says: This is the will of God. He wants you

to be praying continually and always be thankful. With this

being the will of God, we can do it. Choose to do this today.